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Rpm Auto Sales NJ Rpm Auto Sales in Ocean County NJ
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Buying a Used Car In Ocean County After Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy was the perfect storm. It destroyed many towns on the East Coast with her high winds, rain and record storm surge. It is very important to be extremely careful buying a pre-owned vehicle when so many local vehicles have experienced water damage from the storm. You need a higher authority to make sure that you are protected. Trust the professionals at Rpm Auto Sales at 980 Rt 9 in Bayville, NJ to do the investigative work for you. The management at Rpm Auto Sales

Rpm’s Experienced Team is Trained To avoid Storm Damaged Vehicles!

are trained to investigate for water damaged vehicles. We take our time when we trade or purchase a vehicle because we know that it will become one of our customer’s used car or used truck very soon. There are many things to look at when dealing in a flooded area and some unscrupulous people may want to take advantage of you and try to sell you a vehicle that has been damaged. Buyer beware! At Rpm Auto Sales NJ, you can be rest assured that our management and our mechanics are looking out for your interest. Please stop by or call 732.269.1800 to speak to one of our friendly staff members.  Rpm Auto Sales..The Best Deals on Wheels!



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Bad Credit No Problem At Rpm Auto Sales in Ocean County!

Rpm Auto Sales NJ located at 980 Rt 9 in Bayville, NJ has the best advice for anyone who needs help getting a car or truck loan: Come On Into Rpm! We have a confidential credit program that treats you with respect while you drive off in the used car or used truck of your dreams. We offer all of our customers the finest used vehicles available in the marketplace. It doesn’t matter to us what your credit looks like because we have many banks that we work with that know the quality of our vehicles and will finance you in an Rpm Used Vehicle! Rpm only stocks top quality vehicles that are fully serviced to give you plenty of pleasure for years to come. You will be so happy that you visited Rpm Auto Sales that you will tell all of your friends and relatives about Rpm. That is Rpm’s formula to growning it’s business. We have no special secret formula other than making all of our customers happy so that they refer their family and friend to us and we increase our sales volume. Rpm has become one of the largest used vehicle dealer in NJ. We are very proud of what we do at Rpm Auto Sales in Ocean County. Our BBB Rating after many years in business is a solid A Rating! We strive to do the best for our customers because we want to sell them high quality vehicles for the rest of their life. Bad Credit is never a problem at Rpm Auto Sales in Ocean County! Check out Rpm Auto Sales NJ for the best deals on wheels! www.rpmautosalesusa.com  or call 732.269.1800. Worth the ride from anywhere…   www.njbadcredit.com

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Buy A Used Car or Used truck over a New One and Save Thousands at Rpm Auto Sales NJ!

Due to the depreciation of all new cars and new trucks, it seems amazing to us that customer would buy them especialy when they know they will lose thousands as they drive the vehicle off the showroom. Rpm Auto Sales NJ has a solution to the depreciation delemma. We inventory only pristine used cars and used trucks and have them serviced so they need nothing and drive like a new vehicle. Why pay twice the amount of money when you can spend half or less and get a vehicle that is similar and will last the same amount of time and Rpm Auto Sales offers a warranty with every sale! Please stop by Rpm Auto Sales at 980 Rt 9 in Bayville, NJ, 08721 for an amazing used car or used truck with a warranty! Check out our website at www.rpmautosalesusa.com to save a lot of money in a tough economy! call 732.269.1800 if you have any questions. Like us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/rpmautosales

Rpm Auto Sales NJ... Best Deals on Wheels!

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Rpm Auto Sales NJ Gets Everyone a Car or Truck Loan in Ocean County and Monmouth County!

Rpm Auto Sales Nj works literally miracles with their lenders to obtain financing for their customers who have been adversley affected by the slow economy. The economy looks like it will stay slow for the forseeable future so, Rpm Auto Sales NJ located at 980 Rt 9 in Bayville, NJ, 08721 will continue do what it does best- sell high quality used cars and used trucks in Ocean County and get all of their loyal customers approved for loans that they can afford on used cars and used trucks that are in fully serviced and pristine condition! Rpm Auto Sales NJ plans to be around for a long time as it is now building a new 6000 square foot showroom to better serve their many customers who travel some many hours to get a great used car or used truck and financing that they couldn’t believe that they were capable of getting. Give Rpm Auto Sales a try when shopping for a use car or used truck in NJ for the best selection in NJ and financing as low as 3.9% on the used cars and used trucks in stock! Rpm Auto Sales NJ… The Best Deals on Wheels!
www.rpmautosalesusa.com www.facebook.com/rpmautosales www.autocreditrepair.com

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Seniors Find Value at Rpm Auto Sales in Bayville near Toms River!

Happy Senior buying a car at Rpm Auto Sales In Bayville!

Rpm Auto Sales has noticed many more seniors visiting our facility at 980 Rt 9 in Bayville. We are very glad to help them find a vehicle that is comfortable and affordable for them. If you would like to speak to one of our friendly staff, please call 732.269.1800 and we would be happy to answer any questions that you may have. We would even come and pick you up at your home if you feel the need. Berkeley Township and Toms River is one of the largest senior communities in the US and we at Rpm Auto Sales appreciate all that you have done in your life times to work hard and keep America strong. You can view our website at www.rpmautosalesusa.com or call 732.269.1800 24 hrs a day! You are always welcomed at Rpm Auto Sales!

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Rpm Auto Sales Usa sells only the finest Used Vehicles in NJ!

Rpm Auto Sales Usa has 4 buyers who have been in the auto business a grand total of over 150 years who buy our vehicles that we sell on our lot to our most respected customer’s in Ocean County and Nationwide. We then have the vehicles checked out by our Master Mechanics to do a 110 point check and does any repairs necessary to make the used car or used truck in pristine condition for Rpm’s customers. The vehicle is then fully detailed by our Master Detailer who will make the used vehicle looking like it just rolled off of the showroom floor! Please check out Rpm Auto Sales Usa at 980 Atlantic City Blvd in Bayville for an amazing deal on a Pristine used car, used truck, suv or van of your liking. We have a large inventory to choose from and a friendly sales staff to assist you with no pressure. www.rpmautosalesusa.com  or call

Rpm Happy Customer!

732.269.1800  Rpm Auto Sales Usa… The Best Deals on Wheels!

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The Financial Upside of Buying a Used Car

Economy looks pretty bad right now

Rpm Auto Sales Can Save You Money on a Used Car or Used Truck!

With the economy in a worldwide slowdown, buying a quality used vehicle makes more sense than ever. What has happened due to the massive layoffs by corporate America (9 million jobs lost), many families that had two or three cars are now making it work with one or two cars in the family. This had brought into the used car market, a pleasant supply of high quality used vehicles which were serviced and maintained with the hopes of being held onto by their original owners for a long time.

Of course, when buying any new car or truck, there is that immeasurable (at time of purchase) piece of the puzzle that most tend to ignore: depreciation of the new vehicle. Depreciation of the value of a new vehicle is and has been a “wealth killer” in this nation for many generations. If we all had back the depreciation that we experienced from all of our new car purchases in one lump sum today, the numbers would be staggering. We could probably pay back the national debt 5 times over!

Many of my friends buy or lease a new car every two or three years. It doesn’t matter what your tax status is or the amount of enjoyment you place on smelling that new car smell all of the time. From a financial standpoint, this is financial suicide! If you instead purchased a used vehicle of two or three years old, most likely 40-50% of the depreciation has been lost already on the vehicle and your risk is much lower due to the fact that depreciation slows significantly after the first two years of a new vehicle’s lifetime. Not to mention the cost of the used vehicle is 40% to 60% less than that of the new vehicle. These numbers when added up over a lifetime of car buying that would make your 401k look like peanuts compared to what it could have been.

The average new car buyer in my opinion loses between $7-$10k per year in vehicle depreciation (not including luxury vehicles which are probably double these amounts). Then, they go out and borrow money and add interest charges to finance or lease this depreciating asset! Who is advising these people? I think it must be The Jones’ next door or the too many new car commercials we see on our televisions every time we turn your tv on! The buyers of pre-owned vehicles, in my opinion, lose approximately $1k to $2.5k per year in depreciation on average (not including luxury vehicles). What a difference this would make over the average vehicle ownership lifetime of roughly 50 years for you and the same for your spouse.

This topic, in my opinion, should be the number one financial subject of all children in high school today to make sure that they do not depreciate their hard working dollars into thin air by a rarely discussed topic know as vehicle depreciation 101. If you take an average couple in today’s numbers who lease or purchase a new vehicle every three years, they can easily lose $400k each over their 50 year lifetime of car ownership each plus the time value of the money lost being invested would come out to about $2M+ lost in just depreciated new vehicles! This could be $2m+ more dollars in their IRA’s, 401k’s, property ownership or just plain cash which is king right now! These are numbers that cannot continue to be ignored.

If you are a sensible person at any age, now is the time to stop the bleeding of new car depreciation! When in the market for your next car, go to a reputable used car dealer and find a nice, clean pre-owned vehicle with a warranty that will save you, your retirement and your heirs much needed monies for you and your children’s future.

People are starting to catch on. The estimates for 2010 vehicle sales are: 10.5-11 million new vehicle sales in the US and 36-38 million used vehicle sales in the US for 2010. Don’t be on the wrong side of this trend for your financial sake!


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Rpm Auto Sales in Bayville Offers Rewards Program!

A Reward For our Loyal Happy Customer

Rpm Auto Sales New Rewards Program

Rpm Auto Sales Usa located in Bayville NJ close to Toms River and Manahawkin is now offering a Rewards Program to our many loyal customers! If you refer a friend or relative to Rpm Auto Sales at 980 Rt 9 in Bayville NJ and they buy one of our quality used cars or used trucks, you will receive a $100 Bonus check just for showing your confidence in Rpm! Rpm Auto Sales Usa has been selling more used cars and used trucks that we ever thought possible! Now that we are expanding with a new building and a new expanded lot, we are asking our loyal customers to help us out and in turn be rewarded for your help to grow our business even more! Rpm Auto Sales USA locally serves Ocean County and Monmouth County customers. However, we do offer free delivery anywhere in the Continental US to anyone you know who lives out of the State of New Jersey. We will treat them the same way we treated you and will sell the same pristine used vehicles with a warranty. So, what are you waiting for? Call your friends and relatives and refer them to Rpm Auto Sales in Bayville. You will be happy that you did! RPM Auto Sales… Your friends In The Business!

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Credit Surgeon Joins Rpm Auto Sales in Bayville near Toms River and Manahawkin!

Easy Auto Credit In Ocean County

Auto Credit for used cars and used trucks

Rpm Auto Sales USA has acquired one of the best Finance Directors in the used car and used truck business in Ocean County! The Credit Surgeon at Rpm Auto Sales has many decades of experience and knows everyone at the banks that give our used vehicle customers loans that they need to buy the used cars and used trucks of their dreams.The Credit Surgeon will get you approved no matter what your credit circumstances are and he is committed to keep his approval rating at 100%. Bad credit is now an acceptable situation with the Credit Surgeon due to the current economic condition of the Nation. Rpm Auto Sales USA located in Bayville NJ has all of the finance sources that it will take to get you into our pristine inventory from $2000 and up to $40000. Rpm Auto Sales Usa also has it’s own bank that backs up our Credit Surgeon to make sure his approval rating to stay at 100%! We are expanding now at Rpm to quadripple our lot size and a 6000 square foot showroom! How far would you drive for the deal of your life on a pristine used car with low rate financing and a warranty? Rpm is worth the drive!  We are located just off exit 80 on the Garden State Parkway so we are in the middle of the state and invite all from New Jersey and New York to come to Rpm Auto Sales NJ and take advantage of what we have to offer you! Call 732.269.1800 to speak to one of our friendly staff or check out our website at www.rpmautosalesusa.com which contains about half of our current inventory! All of our vehicles are checked by an experience mechanic and is sold with a warranty! Rpm Auto Sales Usa… Best Deals On Wheels! We also provide free delivery Nationwide in the Continental U.S. for free! Call today!

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