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Looking to buy a 100,000 mile plus vehicle?

September 2010 by RPM Owner

Since about the beginning of the 1980's through very hard competition from Japanese manufacturers, car makers in general had to raise the bar on quality when building their vehicles to stay competitive. The American manufacturers were caught sleeping at the wheel while Toyota and Honda started eating their lunch in the quality of build department.

Japanese manufactures copied what Ford and GM taught them and made improvements to make cars last longer with less service stops in the dealer service departments. The big three in the US had no choice but to step up or become extinct. The US car buyers no longer were loyal to the brands that they and their fathers have been buying for decades because of the noticeable gaps in quality displayed by foreign cars. So, that is exactly what happened, probably a little too late with the bankruptcies of GM and Chrysler but, that was a financial crisis that they themselves caused due to their thinking that loyalty would carry them because the American car buyer would be blind to the facts. Not true!

So, the big three made a quality run at the foreign makers and in general made great efforts to close the quality gaps with the Japanese. Now after the reorganizations of GM and Chrysler and eliminating many brands, they are more focused on quality and build with their smaller product lines and government money. With their massive debts of the companies being reduced dramatically in their reorganizations, the stage is set for more efficient, longer lasting cars and trucks for the US consumer to choose from.

There has always been a stigma dating way back that a car is done when it reached the 100,000 mile barrier on its odometer. With the vast improvements previously mentioned by all auto manufacturers over the last 25 years, that stigma is fading as we are seeing vehicles last much longer and hold their values well past the 100k odometer.

If you think about it, the average car price is now approximately $30,000. For that price, the consumer is getting a vast amount of technology in the vehicles that are built today. From high quality tires to airbags to platinum spark plugs and 100k mile warranties, vehicles are lasting much longer .You can easily say that vehicles in the last 25 years have become safer, more dependable and require much less maintenance that they did back in the 1970's. Vehicles don't even rust the way they used to due to improvements in steel and paint. It has been a great time for consumers who are taking advantage of these great strides in manufacturing by buying these vastly improved vehicles pre-owned.

Today the perception of a 100,000 mile Honda, Toyota or Mercedes is just broken in! We recently took in a Toyota truck on trade that still ran like a top with 476,000 miles on it with an original clutch! This makes you believe that if you garage a vehicle and service it when needed, the cars of today can easily last 250,000 miles with little concern.

So, if you are a price sensitive purchaser of a used car at this particular time, you need not be afraid of a well taken cared for vehicle with an odometer in excess of 100,000 miles. They usually are in a price point that many can afford and they can be great looking vehicles maintaining their integrity by being serviced and garaged by their previous caring owners. Today, with the help of a Carfax report, you can learn much more about the history of any used vehicle such as: has it ever been in an accident and how many owners has the vehicle had?

With so many good quality cars and trucks available in the used car market, mileage has become secondary to any accidents and where the vehicle has been over it's lifetime. So, take your time in choosing a car that you love and understand the new improved quality of vehicles in the last 25 years so, that you can drive the best car for your hard earned money no matter what the odometer reads. Keep in mind, you should probably buy a 100,000 mile one owner, fully serviced vehicle over a 50,000 mile vehicle that has been in an accident with three owners.

Times sure have changed and with the new federal laws coming into effect with gas mileage and safety requirements, it is very likely that new cars and trucks will cost more new but, will certainly last even longer that they even do now.

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